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GOD's Team

Gatekeepers International Ministries, Inc.

The Power of Prayer

God healed My Sister-in-Law, Gloria Saffold from cancer. The Lord said "It is already done." We serve a miracle working Savior.

And the prayer of faith shall save the sick, and the Lord shall raise him up; and if he have committed sins, they shall be forgiven him. Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much. James 5:15-16

Jesus Is our Chief Intercessor

"I pray for them, I do not pray for the world but for those whom

You have given Me for they are Yours." John 17: 9

Special Prayer Request

My sisters in Christ, I am very happy to read the up dates and to know that you are mentioning me and my family in prayer. This is a very dear season of the year for me. When I think about what our God did for us, my soul rejoices. God loved me before I was even numbered. He gave His Son, who suffered and died for a sinner such as me. One day His grace touch me and I have never been the same. I owe Him my very being and it is a debt I can never repay. I have surrendered myself to live the life that would pleasing in His sight. His Grace and Mercy has made up the difference. I love the Lord and desire your continued prayers. The devil is so busy in these last days. I know in my heart and soul that God does all things well and in due season. He knows my petitions and pray with me for strength.

Yours in Christ...Sis Verda Brown

Intercessory Prayer List

Family Enrichment Center-Prayer Line:

Anthony Richardson

Chris Scott

Shelly Harris

Mary Harris (Healing)

Veleta Shorter

Greg Shorter

Eddie Coleman

Shorter Family

Our Prayer:

We pray for those Incarcerated- the men and women that are being released from prision. Lord send undergirders to share the plan of salvation to each person who has been behind bars. Father, show then your great Love - " For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever beliveth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life." John 3: 16

Archive Prayer Book of Remembrance

Pray for the Families ~ Healing and Restoration in Families

Michael Watkins & family, Pam & family, Brother Steve Pearson & family, Brother Joe Dancey, Sister Andrea & family, Sister Karen & family, Denise Austin & family, Brucillas's daughter, Christina Johnson, her sister in Vallejo and the entire Johnson family, Shendona & family, Darla & family, Glorene & Mosley family, Clark Stallions Kelly - her Mother Yvonne & family, Blanche Green & family, Gidden family, Dean family, Mike & Solicty family, Denise Austrata & family, Katie Robinson of Texas & family, Eddie & family, Annie Lumpkin & family, Suber Family, Cassandra Berring & family, Ben & family, Odessa & family, Vanessa Barnes & family, Bob - Candice & family, Veronica McGee & family, Sheryl Clark & family, Brenda Brown's daughter & family, Mrs. Morris & family, Hollis, daughters Anna & Britney and family, Betty Mitchell, Barbara Carter, Margaret Thomas, Abraham Forte, Sheryl Chatman, Joszette White, Jennifer Ashlock, Rosanna Sheehan her husband, her two daughters and son E.J., Doris Franklin, Jean Carter, Cheryl Collins, Reneta Cowan, Denise Green, children and grandchildren, Pauline LaPauge, James, Sharon, Raymond, Shonna & Cookie Franks, Shelia Henson and family, Debra Henson, Michelle Bunns, Danielle Bunns, Charlene Terry, LaNorah Woodruff, Maria Ross and family, Dolores McLaughlin and family, Lisa Nevarez and family, Carrie Maderos and family, George & Myrtle Henson and family, Joseph & Marva Mensah and family, Tracey Biser and family, Debra and daughter Kristen, Becky Allaires and family, Sylvia Taylor and family, Dana Ortiz and family, Lisa Williams and family, Mary Brown and family, Patricia Carter and family, Bernadett Lincoln and daughter Sarah, Helen Tisdale and family, Deanna Rotert and family, Michael & Vongretta Ware and family, Linda Wilkins and family, Minette Woods and family, Emily Irizarry and family, John & Adrianne Farley and family, Rosie Echeverria and family, Julie, Gianna & family, Adraine Gillis, Dorothea Taylor, Fredie Moomaw, Ramona, Dolores, Baby Eric & the entire family, Diane Chapparel & family, Debra Joseph & family, Darryl & Karen Blout, Lady Vernie & family, Charlotte Lee & family,Mother Shaw, Benita, Christopher, James and family, Mother Nash, Keary, Sylvia and family, Cherie Keith & David & family. Jackie Her daughter,son, husband & family, Terrell, Rita,. Mother Leona & family, Walter, Ruby Jones & family, Joe, Louise Towner & family, Tickle, Robin, AJ, Seth, Husband - business

Pray for the Pastors, their family and Church Family

Pastor Erwin & Shelly Wilson family, Bishop Bomar family & Church family, Bishop Hamilton family & Church family, Pastor Hughes - Rev Dorisalene family & Church family, Pastor Hearn - Sis. Yasmine family & Church family, Pastor Cordero - Sis Tess family & Church family, Pastor Kendall & Keshia Davis, Pastor Phillip and Brenda Sasper, Pastor Gary & Nancy Reese, Pastor Norden & Minister Flores, Pastor Tony & Pastor Sabina, Pastor Mike & Church family, Pastor Erik Daniel & family, Pastor Ron & Josephine Hubbard, Pastor John & family, Pastor Terry & Karen, Pastor Terrance Saffold & Church family, Pastor Alfred Smith & Church family, Minister J. Beard, Pastor & Sis Grimes, Rev. Irma Diaz, Pastor H.H. Lusk, Betty & Church family, General Board COGIC, Bishop Blake, wife & family, Bishop Ed Jackson & Sis Jean Jackson, Bishop Jakes & Sis Serita Jakes, Juanita Bynum and ministry, Bishop Weeks & Church family, Randy White & Church family, Creflo Dollar & Taffey Dollar, Pastor Ramon & Sis Rochelle & family, Pastor Gary & Sis Nancy Reese & family, Pastor of Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church, Little Rock, Ark., & Church family, Pastor Terance & Debran Reed & family, Pastor Levon & Sis Linda Parker family & Church family, Pastor Phil & Sis Brenda Geoduex, Pastor Davis and The New Beginnings Christian Church, Chaplain Melodee Turner, Jericho Crossing Ministries - Pastor Michael & Rachel Tomlinson, Hope Alive Church - Pastor Matthew and Yvette Smith & Family - Hope House Ministries, Pastor Hyveth Williams and Campus Hill Church, Bishop Blake, Pastor Philip and Chanel Ware Bethel AMERobbins, Illinois, Rev. Kojo Kudolo a Ghanaian, Power house Family Ministry in South Africa. Pastor Larry Meeks, Sis Dinnie Meeks & William Memorial Church family, Cloud of Glory Worship Center- Pastor & Sis Alder family & Church family, WIN Artesia Church - Pastor Sergio & Sis Zenda Guerrero family & Church Family

Archive Prayer Book

Sherman Finney, Joseph Alexander, Jaeden, Raquel, Ashton, Lila, Carol, Jemaria, Frances, Precious, Andre, Sandra, Melissa, D.J., Laura, Tony, Diane, Matthew Hughes, Nicole Hughes, Monica, Bruce, Stephan, Quinten, Dallas, Jason,Tiffany, James, Barbara, Keanna, Joe, Annie, Ronnie, Dwight, Robert, Phyllis, Tiara, Marcus, Don, Adrienne, Colby, Rosevelt, Lisa, Dee, Daniel, Jeremiah, Dante, Andre, Phil, Phil Jr., Nicholas, Brandon, A.J., Shaina, Joshua, Tamara, Trey, Roberta Jones, Annabelle, Michelle, Deborah, Sheila, Rev. Deborah, Jewel, Liz, Rachael, Reuben, Lonnie, Debbie, Denny, Henry, Thelma, Betty, Jessica, Diane, James, Darlene, Sabrina, Dorothy, Rosie, Thelma Davis, Michael, Dan, Emily, Andrew, Tanisha, Keisha, Ron Jr., Tanya, Tamaria, Jade, Barbara, Brittany, Timothy, Franklin, Juan, Joshua Ware, Jeremiah Ware, Denise Lawson, David, Sean, Melissa & Colby, John, Dorothea, Kiara, Monica, Alicia Hughes, T.J. & Melissa Templeton, Gloria Saffold,